WEEK 12 (14.08. – 18.08.)

During the last week, I worked on the NLTE treatment which, according to my tests, was not useable since at least GSoC 2016. However the main problems were type inconsistencies which were easy to fix. The rest of the week was spent on bringing everything together and preparing the merge of this feature into master. […]

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Week 10 & 11 (31.07. – 11.08.)

Good news! I passed the 2nd evaluation and may continue my journey with Google Summer of Code. The last two weeks this journey first took me to sphinx which is a python tool to build documentation from RST documents. We use sphinx in tardis and carsus to build the documentation. carsus makes use of the automodule extension which takes the docstrings […]

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WEEK 9 (24.07. – 28.07.)

This week was rather calm. I fixed the tests in carsus which revealed a strange bug in pandas read_sql_query method, so for now we don’t use this method but do query.all() and then feed this list to pandas. While this is not very efficient, it works, so I leave it as it is. Regarding the documentation, I […]

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Week 8 (17.07. – 21.07.)

This week was a success and the next milestone is almost achieved. I fixed all problems with the creation of a database. While this currently takes a significant amount of RAM, it is possible. The issues with changes in one DataSource could me resolved. Sometime between three and one week ago, the URL we used […]

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Week 7 (10.07. – 14.07.)

This week I worked on three tasks: First, I verified, that the database created last week does also produce matching results for complex supernova models. To test that, Talytha gave me one of the models she is currently researching and I did the comparison. The result is very similar to the comparison for the example […]

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Week 6

As promised, today I’ll write about the 2nd issue of combining carsus and tardis: Creating the database The problem was that in the process of reducing the load of the database, a list of the selected levels was created and use in an IN statement. However, pysqlite has a limit on the number of parameters that may […]

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